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The Mustang Horse

Basic information on the mustang is that they can come in all colors, their height ranges from 14-15 hands high, they can be independent at times, and are used most for stock work, endurence riding and everyday riding.  Some people think that mustang and wild horse mean the same thing.  They do live in the wild but are not truly wild, they are untamed animals decendents of tamed horse that could have escaped or even released into the wild. 
Ancestors of the mustang who were already tamed where brought over by Spainish explorers, like Christopher Columbus, and Francisco Pizarro.  Some horses escaped from their owners and went to live in the wild and that is how they got the name mustang other known as mesteno, meaning untamed.
the mustang depends mostly on grass and water.  Mustangs can be found in ten different western states; you can find the most mustangs in the Great Basin in Nevada.  Mustangs are smaller than the regular horse; they only weigh about 1,000pounds, which is 450kilograms, or they can weigh less.  The regular horse can weigh about1,200pounds which is 545kilograms, or weigh more.  The mustang is smaller becasue they have trouble finding enough food in hot areas.
The mustang came to the U.S many years ago and were used for many things, but cowboys and Indians used them the most.  Cowboys becam popular in the early 1860's to the late 1880's.  Cowboys often rode mustangs that made great cowponies.  Mustangs were also very sturdy workers;farmers used them to pull heavy wagons and plows.  The pony Express also used the mustang because they were fast and still are today.  They delivered mail all across the country,  They also sometimes pulled stage couches for people.  Some Indians used the mustang for hunting large live stock; they also though that the mustang was a medicine horse and could heal many people in their tribe.  But by the 1900's people use them as mush because motor transportation became a big use and the mustang was lloked at nothing more than a pest.
Some mustangs still roam free today but some still live with people.  Mustangs are now a protected animal and can't be taken out of the wild any more.  Some mustangs still get used by Indians that live in the west, but not the same way as they did in the early and late 1800's.  Mustangs get mostly used in shows including how the Indian lived and what their life was like with the mustang.  Some mustangs still get used by people who work on farms and can't afford the money to by a machine.
I hope you learned a lot about the mustang and how wonderful they can be!!


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