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Frank T. Hopkins

There was one class of horse I liked best and would ride no other but this—even though there were many fine mounts offered me — I refused all but the Indian pony, a hardy little animal, no trail too long or too rough...

quote by Frank T. Hopkin

Frank T. Hopkins lived in the late 1800's and rode in the saddle (rode horseback.) for about 60 years, Frank was also half Indain, his mother was the cheifs daughter and his father was a white man. His horses name Hidalgo, who was a painted mustang (not a car).  Frank really did race in the 3,000 mile race and won it. But how he became so famous was a race from Galveston, Texas to Rutland, Vermont.  Frank and his horse Hidalgo made the ride in 30 days and it was in the middle of winter!  Then 14 days later second place came in. After this race some men across the ocean came and invited frank to race in the 3,000 mile race.  He thought about it for some time and soon accepted. At the begining of the race Frank held  Hidalgo back and was in the dust.  Then at the end he blew them all away, just by yelling the word let er' buck to get Hidalgo going at top speed.

In the movie Hidalgo it shows Frank and a man racing to the town but don't be fooled by that.  If you have the DVD of Hidalgo then you can go to Special Features and click the first feature and it will tell you about how the movie was made and some info. on what really happened.  But for the second feature you need to go on your computer, but i doesn't always work.

Never thought history could be fun, didn't you?

more about Frank Hopkins.

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